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We are Leo Robotics, and as the season progresses, we would like to expand our knowledge across many different horizons. Instead of just building the robot, we want to know the reasons, the proper way, and how we can maximize our productivity through one program. (VEX IQ) We want to explore many new and different forms of enrichment through robotics. This year, we have two teams whom we hope to carry far. Each and every individual will participate not only independently, but come together as one. We want to learn as much as we can and hope to be very successful. Many of us have been doing VEX IQ since second and third grade, which was 2016-2017 (Crossover) and fourth and fifth grade, which was 2017-2018 (Ringmaster), though we have a few kids who started this year and one who started last year. Leo Robotics has continued to grow since it was introduced in Cedarville Elementary during the year 2016. We have been to the Indiana State Championship four times, and to the World Championship twice. As a result of countless hours of our time poured into building, driving, programming, and creating our engineering notebooks we have won many awards, our proudest of which is a teamwork champion award from state. Last year, in Next Level, our teams placed second and ninth in their divisions at Worlds. Our teams are from the general Leo-Cedarville area in Indiana, and some of our students live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

If you have any questions about Leo Robotics or are interested in joining the team for the next season, please send an e-mail to Coach Kennedy at: kennedyjd@hotmail.com.